Terms and Conditions

Before using our service, please be sure to read this User Agreement and understand it before use. Article 1 (Scope of Application of Contract)
This Terms of Service applies to WiFi routers and their accessories provided by Jennet Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) Appliances “) rental service (hereinafter referred to as” this service “) (hereinafter referred to as” users “).
The details of the services that we present to users on all pages of the Web site, various provisions and notes also constitute part of these Terms of Use.

Article 2 (formation of contract)
1. In this Agreement, the user shall declare the necessary matter by the method specified by the Company, the Company shall indicate the intention to accept the application, and the contract shall be established from the time the settlement is completed.
2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, we may not be able to offer the service according to the contents of the application or acceptance of this contract, due to circumstances of stock shortage.
3. The Company may not accept the application for this Agreement when payment of fee for this contract with the Company is not obtained when payment confirmation can not be obtained or when it is recognized that there is trouble in carrying out the work of our company Yes.

Article 3 (Lending number of communication equipment and place to lend / return)
1. Maximum number of loans for communication equipment is 30 for one application. For corporations, separate agreements shall be stipulated.
2. Lending and returning of communication equipment shall be carried out at the designated place (including mailing and home delivery).

Article 4 (Rental period)
1. The rental period is from the communication device lending date (receiving date) to the return date (shipping date).
2. In principle, the rental period declared in the application contract can not be changed. In the unlikely event, we will not refund the difference even if we return or delay after rental period declared in the application contract, depending on user’s convenience.
3. If we accept a change (both shortening and extension) of the rental period in advance, we are not limited to this section 2 paragraph.

Article 5 (extension of rental period)
1. When extending the rental period, the user shall consent to the Company by notifying the fact before the end of the rental period declared in the application contract.
2. If we do not return it beyond the rental period without contact, our company shall be able to perform the line stop procedure of communication equipment without notice. After the line is stopped, communication equipment can not be used. Also, you can not return the line.
3. If communication equipment is not returned on the return date, in addition to the amount multiplied by the overdue fee of 800 yen per day (excluding tax) from the day after the end of the rental period to the return date, the expenses etc. of the communication equipment prescribed by the Company Payment settlement processing shall be carried out from the credit card confirmed in the application contract.

Article 6 (Cancellation of Application)
In the case of canceling the application under Article 2, we will immediately notify the Company to that effect. In that case, we will refund the amount of 1,080 yen subtracted from the settlement amount. However, we can not cancel cancellation after 3 days prior to the loan date (date of receipt) (previous business day if it falls on our holiday).

Article 7 (Fees, etc.)
The fee for this service consists of rental fee and shipping fee determined by our company. For rental fee and shipping fee, the charge specified by our company is applied.
* Additional supplementary service charges such as secure payment packing fee will be determined separately.

Article 8 (Method of payment)
All charges arising from using this service are, in principle, based on the credit card that the Company confirmed in the application contract based on the provisions of the credit card company Please pay. In the unlikely event that the credit card that the Company confirmed in the application agreement can not obtain the handling settlement of the credit card company due to the reason of the user, either specify the credit card that can be used, I will pay.

Article 9 (Charge Changes)
Additional service charges such as rental fee, shipping fee and security package fee for this service are subject to change without prior notice. In addition, the fee at the time of application contract (when you agree to the terms of service) will be applied.

Article 10 (Management of communication equipment, loss / damage, etc.)
1. The user shall use and store the communication equipment with the duty of care of the good manager according to our usage regulations.
2. If the user loses or destroys the communication equipment during the rental period (referring to a state where there is a trauma to the extent that it can not be borrowed, based on the judgment of the Company), or in case of lost or stolen, We will contact you. From the day the user contacts the Company, the rental fee incurred during the period until the Company completes the prescribed procedure shall be borne by the user.
3. In the case of the preceding paragraph, the user shall bear the actual equipment price of the communication equipment. However, in case of applying secure payment compensation pack, it will be the charge set by our company.

Article 11 (Security Assurance Pack)
1. Safety compensation pack is a thing that compensates for damage when communication equipment is lost, damaged, lost, or stolen during rental period.
2. In case of damage, if you apply safe compensation pack, we will separately pay the prescribed deductible amount of money separately. In the case of non-application, bear the actual equipment price as described in Article 10, paragraph 3 of this Terms of Service.
3. As an exceptional matter, if the damage caused to the equipment is caused by the reasons specified in the following items, the safe compensation pack will not be applied.
① fraud, embezzlement ② user of intentional or gross negligence ③ war, uprising or nuclear crisis ④ earthquake, natural disasters of stormy weather, etc.

Article 12 (prohibition)
1. Users should not attach other goods etc. to communication equipment, disassemble, remodel, repair, change the performance of communication equipment.
2. The user shall not engage in acts that infringe the rights of the Company’s communication equipment, such as assigning, placing, subleasing, etc. to third parties the right to communication equipment and the Company.

Article 13 (notes)
1. Even if it is regarded as a service area, this service can not be used where radio waves do not reach. Also, there is a possibility that communication can not be performed due to line congestion.
2. Delivery may be delayed on commodity delivery companies and post office items arrival in natural disasters after shipment, earthquakes and snow or any other transportation / aviation disorders.
3. Since the communication equipment used in this service is a precision instrument, even if it is used with sufficient attention, it may break down. Article 14 (Policy for fair use of data communication)
At the telecommunications company contracted by the Company, from the viewpoint of fair use of radio waves, a large amount of data communication We may restrict the use of communication to users who do. We will not refund the fee even if we continue to do a lot of communication such as video viewing and video calling and become subject to communication restriction and we can not use our rental equipment.

Article 15 (Disclaimer)
We are not responsible for any damage caused by the following reasons including Article 13.
1. Communication from communication equipment or communication equipment may be intercepted and damage caused thereby.
2. Even in countries and regions where services can be used, it can not be used due to places where radio waves do not reach or circumstances of telephone companies in each country.
3. A user or the like uses the equipment or software owned by himself / herself, and the device can not be used due to the specifications of the possessed equipment etc. and malfunctions. Article 16 (Cancellation of rental contract)
When the user falls under any of the following items, we will immediately enter a rental agreement without notice by communication We shall be able to cancel. In this case, we can conduct line stop processing of communication equipment.
1. When a false statement is found on the application form
2. When the credit situation of the user deteriorates markedly
3. When breaching these terms of service
4. When it is judged that the method of using communication equipment and purpose of use is not appropriate in light of public order and morals
5. In the case of cancellation under the preceding paragraph, the user shall immediately return the communication equipment and shall bear all damages and liabilities arising from the termination of the Company.

Article 17 (Change of rental contract)
These terms of service may be changed without notice.

Article 18 (unsuccessful rider)
We have been unable to use the communication equipment for its original purpose, resulting in accidents that the user and third party suffered or Regardless of the cause, we assume no liability for damages, etc., and the user shall agree without prior consent. Article 19 (Handling of Personal Information)
When handling personal information of users related to this service, based on a privacy policy separately defined by the Company, We shall deal with information. Article 20 (Jurisdiction of Agreement) In the event of dispute between the Company and the user concerning these Terms of Use, we agree to make the Tokyo District Court jurisdictions regardless of the complaint.

Established in April 2018