Wi-Fi spot in your pocket

Unlimited Pocket WiFi Rentals from J-WiFi offer you a personal WiFi hotspot during stay in Japan.
You can choose 2models and 5patterns(1week,2weeks,3weeks,1month,2months)

Items recommended

Rental system

step1.order online
step4.return to post

How to order

You can apply at any time 24 hours a day on the internet. Please apply from “Add to shopping cart” button on the model details page

Order from Monday to Saturday until 4pmShipping on the day

about delivery

The product arrives at the shortest at the next day.。

Honshu(including Hiroshima)From the following day
Hokkaido・Shikoku・Kyusyu・OkinawaAfter two days later

Depending on the delivery destination may not be delivered the next day. Please note on your order beforehand.

Weather, transportation conditions, transportation regulations, etc., if it takes several days for delivery, we will take measures to offset the period, so please be forewarned.

How to Payment

Credit card

Credit card is required for ordering.



I will ship in Yamato Transport(takkyubin). Delivery time designation is also possible.

Shipping cost 1080yen(including tax)

You can deliver to conference rooms and hotels etc, but please confirm whether it can be received in advance.
If by any chance, we can not receive it, we can not refund after shipping.

In case of 3 or more applications, the shipping cost will be 2,160yen(including tax).

Delivery time

Hiroshima=Designation is possible from the morning of the following two days

Poste restante

・We will ship to the post office within some airport.

・Presentation of the applicant’s identity card is required for receipt.

If you wish a post office other than the designated airport, please select the delivery method “post office” at the time of application, then select the delivery method “other postal delivery” on the “shipping / payment method” screen .
After that, please enter the address of the post office in the address field of another shipping address input form, and the post office name in the building name.

Shipping & handling cost1,620yen(including tax)

Please make your application two days or more prior to the receipt date.
If you apply on the previous day, post office may not be available.

We do not accept Saturdays.
The items you applied on Saturday will be received shortly after Tuesday.

In case of 3 or more applications, the shipping fee will be 3,240yen(including tax).

About guarantee

By subscribing, we will indemnify the loss if the terminal is lost, damaged, lost, or stolen during rental period.
Long-term use can reduce the risk of a moment.

guarantee fee700yen(including tax)

 nonesubscribe to guarantee
Total loss of theft and loss40,000yen(including tax)20,000yen(including tax)
Partial damage such as scratches15,000yen(including tax)7,500yen(including tax)
Total loss / damage of accessories3,000yen(including tax)1,500yen(including tax)

About rental period extension

Please be sure to contact us by phone or e-mail before 2 business days prior to our rental end date in order to extend the rental period.
It is not an automatic extension . Extension fee is 150yen(including tax) per day, it is necessary to settle from extension URL which informs the amount multiplied by extension days.
Please note that the extension period is more than 7 days.
Please note that there are things that can not be extended depending on the product.


QCan I make changes after applying?
AChanges after application can be accepted by telephone or e-mail. However, it is not possible to change the settlement amount, such as shortening the period or changing the shipping destination. If the settlement amount including the additional fee is changed, the commission fee of 1,080yen(including tax) will be added once, so when considering your order, please fully consider and apply.
QCan I cancel my application?
ACancellation can be made within 3 business days of the loan date. However, as a cancellation fee, 1,080yen(including tax) will be deducted from the payment amount and refunded.
QCan I apply by phone?
AOnly applications from the WEB site will be accepted, payment method will be credit card only. The correspondence of inquiries is accepted from 10am to 6pm on weekdays.
QCan I deliver to the hotel?
APlease check the reception side of the hotel and the time of delivery etc. On that basis, it is possible to make the hotel a designated address by using the name of the guest at the time of application as the guest’s name.
QI live overseas, but can I send it?
AThe product will be sent to Japan. The designated address to deliver can be used freely, such as home, friend’s house, hospital, hotel, some facilities in the airport.
QThe power does not turn on, can not charge, how can I do?
ASince battery displacement due to shaking at the time of product transportation is considered, such as “The power does not turn on even if the power button is turned on” or “Do not charge even if you connect the charge air charge”, stop charging and turn off the power Then remove the cover on the back side, remove the battery, please set the battery again, turn on the power, please try. Even if you do the operation, if it is the same, please contact us during rental. We will prepare for replacement.
QCan I extend the rental period?
APlease contact us by email before 2 business days. We will inform you the exclusive page of extension of rental period by e-mail. Please decide the extension period on the special page, please go to settlement. If the initial rental period is 10 days or less, it can not be extended. Also, please note that some items can not be extended.
QHow can I return items?
A”Letter pack” is bundled when sending items. Just put all the items in the “Letter pack” and post it to the post. Those who lost the bundled “Letter pack” should contact us promptly and return them at your own expense. However, extension fee may be charged